Cuba - a country preserved in time.

Visited Cuba, it was beautiful. The people, the culture, the music, the beaches, the vibe, the way of life. It was a very short trip but relaxing enough to be at peace and take the time to disconnect from technology enough to look up and look around. 

I must say for anyone wanting to visit, you should go. Go now before things change in the next year. IT is worth a visit.

Hope to go back again one day.

YWCA - Potential to Power Girls Symposium - #yw21cg

Was really stoked to photograph some of the interactions at The Potential to Power Girls Symposium that the YWCA NY chapter put on yesterday. It was such a great and inspirational day, the girls were so lucky to sit and chat with some really amazing and powerful women in the industry and I look forward to this conference happening again!