New Year. New Goals. New Thoughts

Often times we think back to the times when we were at a certain point in our lives and find that those things of the past, perfectly illustrate the present.


I took this photo a long while back on my bus ride from NJ to NY, when I was a big instagramer and lived in NJ. I had to take the bus through the crazy Lincoln Tunnel traffic :S That I do not miss at all. 

So many things have changed since this photo was taken, but this photo is very representative of what today looks and feels like in many ways.

Sometimes you feel like you are living in a fog not knowing just how much beauty, though it may be stormy, is outside your bubble of a world your mind traps in you in sometimes.

This is my reflection of that.

My hopes, after starting up blogging again, to get back to exploring that world that is out there.

Scratch the hopes, it will be a goal.

BAM... until the next post!