life and the directions it takes us

it is always interesting to realize that as you get older, time feels like it is going by faster and the world is spinning quicker.

Years are going by with a snap of a finger. I look at the clock and all of the sudden it is the afternoon. I mean the year just started like.. yesterday.

Anyway, understanding that time can go by so quickly is making me realize that we should attempt to accomplish so Much more while we have the time and opportunity to do it.

Growing older for me has been cool. I am learning to be patient with myself but also proud of the person that I am growing into. I used to be so frustrated with feeling like everything had to be perfect and that mistakes were NOT to be made at all.. but life is about mistakes, experiences, directions, lessons, observations, growth, etc.

So.. do not be afraid to follow that unknown path in life that is far from a straight line. You were placed on this earth to accomplish something, never forget that. Never give up. There are ups, there are downs, there are dead ends, there are straight aways, there are curves. Embrace it. Love it. Live it.