Sometimes my emotions feel like this photo I took a long time ago.

Two Sides

One day I feel like life is smooth sailing and then in the same week, all of the sudden the path to a better me or life - looks like a jigsaw puzzle where the path is no where near a straight line.

I see that life will forever be a challenge and as I get older, I only hope to conquer the doubt and determination that prevents me from moving forward in life.

I told a colleague who was having a really bad day yesterday, "you are only limited by your own perception of what that limitation is. Don't ever think that something you are in or doing is the end all. You have more potential to do so much more in life and the challenge is that you have to work really really hard to keep that momentum moving forward in life" 

That's the biggest challenge in life. Knowing and accepting that it will have twists, turns, and uphill battles but most importantly - life is about what you make of it and that you ultimately are the commander of your life journey.

The journey of life will never be a straight path, but we should ultimately make the most and best of it.